Pizzagate-Related: Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, who’s next?

Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, is dead at the age of 41. And in a story that is all too familiar, it’s not ordinary, natural death, but yet another suicide by hanging.

Chester was very close with Chris Cornell, who himself committed suicide by hanging in May. Today would have been Cornell’s 53rd birthday. Chester wrote an open letter to Chris on the day of Chris’ suicide.”

Apparently, they both knew about the Pizzagate. According to Randy Cody, Cornell, who along with his wife created the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation for neglected children, was killed because he was about to expose the identities of Pizzagate pedophiles named in a “black book.”

These types of deaths are strange. Bennington was far from a has-been. Linkin Park just recently topped the charts with an album last year. They were a vibrant band that had been not as visible lately, but still a force in the music industry. And here, the same old story.

Next, we’ll hear the authorities talk about drug addictions. His loved ones will talk about how he had not a problem in the world, was excited about his next vacation or tour, and this was completely unexpected. Meanwhile, the mainstream media is digging into his past and finding ways to make him look like a ticking time bomb.

According to a BBC article, he is said to have struggled for years with alcohol and drug abuse, and has talked in the past about suicide as a result of being a victim of abuse as a child.